Tuesday, August 19, 2008

AUGUST 19, 08

Today I was at the Beach, at Porto Marina in Malibu. Cezar and I got "burned".
It was lovely, around 80 degrees F.

If you are on the path of doing a genealogical tree of your family here are some good sources:
If your dad or mom is of Hispanic or Latino ancestry, the best place to do a search is:

The Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research (SHHAR)

HUNGARIAN SURNAMES: http://www.topoindex.com/hu/

Polish Genealogical Society of America

Sons of Norway

Ukrainian Genealogical Society

United Kingdom and Ireland Genealogy/GENUKI

Eastern European
Federation of East European Family History Societies

The National Huguenot Society

German Genealogy Home Page

Fianna Guide to Irish Genealogy

The Italian Genealogy Home Page

JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy

HUNGARIAN SURNAMES: http://www.topoindex.com/hu/

Breaking Through: Women and Patriarchal Systems
Securing Rights for Minority Communities
 Youth Activism
My genealogy: my grandma on my father’s side was PAPP MARIA:
Dad's father was LAZIN AUGUSTIN, died in 1964, in Vetis, Satu Mare.
On maternal side, my mom's MAGDALENA IOSEFCIUC was the father, her mom was FEDAK BORBALA. they both died in BIXAD, OAS county,b/c of the deluge. Got pneumonia.
I have a picture of the house.

On my paternal side, Papp Maria was the daughter of Papp ErzsÈbet volt, fÈrje Szarka Ferenc. Tudomasom szerint gyermekeik DÈvavanyan szulettek.
Grandmother’s kids:
Szarka Ign·c (1900-1981 BÈkÈs megye, Cserepes ill. KertÈszszigeti lakos volt. FelesÈge: Szarka Eszter(1097-1984));
Szarka Maria
Szarka Emilia (?);
Szarka Ferenc (?);
Szarka Lajos (?);
Szarka Ilona (?);
Szarka TerÈz

Source; http://www.blogger.com/profile/17129108863675079821

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